Why I think it’s about time we put the ‘hot’ back in coffee

I had a chance to sit down with Cuban Coffee Company CEO Jorge Vazquez and talk about the future of coffee.

I’ve been a coffee addict for years, so I was eager to know what he thought about the trend.

He said there is an emerging coffee culture in the United States, with the new craze in the hip-hop world and the rise of craft coffee in restaurants.

“The new coffee trend is very interesting, it is very different from the old coffee culture,” Vazuez said.

We started in the mid-2000s, we started to focus on espresso and the new trend is the idea of the hot latte.

And I think we’re going to have a lot of coffee drinkers who are not going to go to the Starbucks to have coffee.

We think the coffee is going to be much more accessible and there will be a lot more cafes opening and people will be more comfortable ordering coffee from coffee shops.

We’re also very interested in the craft coffee market, and that’s what the future is going in.

Vazquez said he is excited by the trend in the coffee industry and believes that it is changing the way people drink coffee.

He said there are so many coffee houses in the country that are going to open in the next few years.

What about the American Dream? 

“It’s a very old dream, and it’s something that is very important to us, we believe in it, we want to help the American dream to be the same as it is for so many people in Cuba,” Vrazquez said.

“So we’re really passionate about the dream.”

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