What’s next for the NRL’s biggest stars?

Biggby Coffee has announced that it will invest $4.7 million in the new Australian Rugby League (ARL) stadium, bringing the total number of new businesses to 12 and bringing the average value of its existing business from $10 million to $12 million.

The company, which operates three of the biggest venues in the country, is one of three investors to join an NRL-led consortium that will build a $10 billion facility in Sydney’s CBD.

Rugby League supremo Dave Smith said the NRL had taken the “bold” step to partner with a company that has “the ability to build a world-class facility that will provide an unparalleled experience for our players”.

“The NRL has been at the forefront of bringing new revenue to our sport, and it is a testament to the success of our existing businesses that we are able to build on this trend with a commitment to invest in a new stadium,” Smith said.

“As a result, we are delighted to be partnering with a business with a proven track record and a proven ability to deliver on its commitments.”

We are excited to continue to work with Biggbys partners to build our world-leading stadium in Sydney.

“The NRL’s new stadium will be constructed on the site of the former WACA.

The NRL is expected to formally announce the deal in September.

The announcement comes as it is revealed the NRL is in talks to build its own $1 billion venue in Brisbane’s CBD, with the NRL Board of Directors today meeting with Brisbane City Council to discuss the viability of the proposed venue.

Smith said the investment will create jobs, boost local business and create a world class environment for the community.”

It’s an investment in our community that will create more jobs and will create an even stronger city, he said.

“It is a big deal for Brisbane and the region.”

Biggby CEO Mark Smith has confirmed the investment from Biggbey will create 3,500 jobs.

Ruggeries chief executive Greg O’Donnell said the company was excited to join the NRL and build a venue in the CBD.

“Biggbys investments will create over a thousand jobs and build upon the great work we are doing in Queensland, and we look forward to working with the Queensland Government and our partners to deliver the stadium,” O’Connor said.

Biggbey, which owns and operates the world’s largest coffee business, employs nearly 200 people in Brisbane and is the largest coffee chain in Australia.

Its coffee and bakery businesses employ over 100,000 people.

It has a presence in the United Kingdom, India, China, Singapore and South Africa.

“This investment will further our presence in Brisbane, as it will support our expansion into Brisbane’s burgeoning coffee, bakery and coffee business,” Biggbyn said.

Rabbitohs CEO Mark Evans said the club would remain in Brisbane.

“Ruggy is delighted to have joined the NRL as we continue to build the Brisbane Rugby League Club and our club’s brand in the region,” Evans said.