Why I bought an Ikea coffee griddle for $299

IKEA has announced a new coffee grater, designed to help you make the perfect cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Called the Ikea Coffee Grinder, the new device features a glass base, which allows for quick, easy, and convenient cleanup.

The grinder also features a water-repellent surface and a convenient button on the top of the base that allows you to adjust the water level to your preference.

The Ikea grinder is the company’s second new coffee-grinder in two years, following the $499 Coffee Grater from 2016.

It also has a few other features that you might not expect: it’s a touchscreen, which lets you use the grinder as a coffee maker, and it comes with two different color options.

The coffee grinner is available in white and blue.

The Coffee Grator will be available on IKEAS.com and other retailers starting March 31.