Which coffee shop should you visit first when you need a good coffee?

In a world where the word “coffee” is increasingly synonymous with a coffee shop, a white coffee shop may be a little more than an idea.

White coffee is often a specialty, and it’s a coffee that a lot of people are not used to.

In the coffee world, there’s often a stereotype that white coffees are the best, the freshest, and the most “American” of the lot.

They’re usually pricey, but with a decent selection of coffees to choose from, there is a reason why white coffee is such a popular choice among the coffee drinker.

Here are the top coffee shops that you should go to first if you want a decent cup of joe.


The Rooster House (844 S. First St., San Antonio, Texas, 78215)The Roosters (from The Rooster) are an Austin-based coffee roaster that is renowned for their roasting and quality coffee.

They also offer a variety of drinks that are both delicious and easy to drink.

The Rooster House offers a variety coffees that range from their classic roasts, to their more recent and innovative coffees.

The Roasters has a great selection of white coffee, and their roasts have a lot to offer.

They’re a staple of Austin coffee culture, and they offer some of the best coffee available in the area.


Sticky Cafe (732 S. Market St., Austin, Texas 78718)Sticky Coffee is a coffee spot in Austin, TX.  Stickys is a well-known Austin spot that serves a variety of coffee, including their own white and roasting coffees, as well as their specialty iced coffee and vegan iced coffee. 

They also offer iced tea, coffeas and spiced tea.


Fresco (3226 W. State St., Arlington, Texas 76204)Frescos (a coffee bar) is located in Arlington, TX, just outside of downtown. 

It’s a popular destination for coffee drinkers, and Frisco is known for its excellent selection of iced and iced-tea iced coffees as well. 

Its located in a coffee-centric neighborhood in Arlington.


Lagoon Coffee (531 W. University St., El Paso, Texas)Lagoo (Lagongos as in Lagoon)is a new coffee shop that opened in El Paso in April 2017.

Its located near the University of El Paso campus, and its location is ideal for a coffee lover that likes to get away from campus. 

In addition to iced lattes and teas, Langos has a range of other iced beverages, including iced espresso drinks. 


Coffee & Espresso (1428 N. Main St., College Station, Texas 77705)Coffees & Espo  is the newest iced latte shop in College Station.

It’s located on Main Street in College St., right next to The Coffee & Espot at the same time. 6. 

Sip & Smoke (1065 W. First Ave., Plano, Texas 75060)Sip&Smoke is a new iced bar in Plano.

A popular hangout in Planos, the bar features iced drinks, iced cappuccinos and ice cream.

Sip and Smoke is located at the Cafe at The Market and is a popular hang out. 7. 

Ozark (619 W. Main Street, Dallas, Texas 75204)Ozarks (Ozaras) is a local, full service coffee shop in Dallas, TX that serves coffee in a wide array of ices and coffees.

Ozars is an outdoor iced cafe that has a large outdoor seating area, and also offers iced teas. 


Tastebud (1531 W Main St, San Antonio)Tastibud is owned by Caffe Caffe, a small family-owned coffee shop and cafe. 

While you’re in the coffee shop or cafe, Tasco tastes their iced creams and ices to be a good deal.

TasCo’s iced cream is great and the iced teas are a little pricey.


Bar Espresso (1203 W. Fair Oaks Blvd., San Marcos, Texas 78203)Bar Espos 

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