What’s the deal with Ikea’s $1.9B purchase of Amazon?

On Wednesday, Ikea reported a loss for the first time since it acquired Amazon, and a profit for the fourth consecutive quarter.

The company posted a loss of $6.7 billion on revenue of $37.4 billion, and profit of $9.6 billion on $40.3 billion.

The retailer reported its second consecutive year of net loss.

Its loss fell to $2.1 billion from $2,971 billion a year earlier.

The retailer said that it had invested $1 billion in new equipment and new technology, including a $500 million investment in its own video production studio.

Amazon has also announced plans to create a video streaming service in which customers can stream movies and TV shows from around the world for $9 a month.

The company also said that its stock is up almost 6% on the news, adding that the stock price is now trading at $2 a share.