Starbucks will launch its first coffee cake with vanilla flavor

Starbucks is preparing to launch its own version of its coffee cake in a bid to capture more of the consumer’s appetite for the caffeinated beverage.

The company plans to roll out the coffee cake on the company’s flagship stores, including Starbucks Coffee, on Jan. 10.

It will also offer coffee cake flavors like vanilla ice cream and coconut coffee cake.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz says the new version will appeal to those who love the taste of vanilla ice creams, but also those who don’t.

The coffee cake will also be available in specialty coffee shops and other specialty coffee restaurants, according to a company statement.

The announcement follows a similar move by Starbucks last year.

The ice cream will be made with 100 percent natural flavors, according a Starbucks statement.

The coffee cake, which Starbucks has been experimenting with in the past, will be a blend of vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and lemon, according the statement.

“We’re committed to providing a fresh, authentic, and fun way to enjoy our coffee in the future, and the new coffee cake is a big step in that direction,” Schultz said.

“It’s a coffee cake that will appeal not only to coffee lovers, but to anyone who enjoys a strong drink, with a fresh flavor profile and a tasty texture.”

The company said the new cake will not be available at Starbucks locations.

The new coffee, which will be sold at select Starbucks stores, is a “firmly grounded and well-crafted dessert that brings a whole new experience to your coffee experience,” the company said.

Starbucks said it plans to release more information on the new product in the coming months.

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