Which coffee shops sell the best coffee?

A few weeks ago, I went to a local Starbucks to buy a couple of coffee bags. 

The store had a few other coffee shops on the premises, but they were pretty sparsely populated.

I didn’t want to be stuck at home and waste money.

So I asked the cashier to put my order in the gift basket and get me a coffee bag. 

It took her an hour and a half to deliver.

I got a bag and a bag of joe. 

She also took a photo of the gift in my basket.

I told her that I was curious what the bag looked like, and she told me that it was a gift basket. 

What was in the basket?

 She told me it was a $1.49-per-cup joe cup. 

So, the first thing I did was to look for a good coffee bag that didn’t have a sticker on it saying, “Best Coffee”, or a $1 sticker saying, “Best Coffee” on it.

The other thing I wanted to do was get a picture of it.

So, I took a picture and sent it to Starbucks.

The picture I sent them was pretty cute. 

I didn’t tell them the reason for the gift because I figured that I could just wait and see what they would say.

I thought maybe the coffee shop would take it as a joke.

I got a reply a few days later. 

“It’s not a joke, it’s really cool that you would send it to us.”

They sent me a gift certificate and a free mug. 

But, the gift certificate was fake.

It had no real value and the mug was worthless. 

They even sent me two free mug samples. 

My wife and I started to feel a bit guilty for not buying anything and sending a gift in. 

Then I thought, this gift was just something that my wife and myself would send to other people. 

Maybe we should give it a try. 

We emailed the gift shop and asked if we could order a coffee at a later date. 

And, a week later, we got a call from Starbucks.

They said, “Thank you for taking our time and sending us your gift.

We really appreciate your service.” 

We were very excited. 

How do I get the best gift for my wife?

The coffee gift basket isn’t the only thing that I need to consider. 

Here are a few things I do to make sure that my gift is perfect: I check to see if it is the best value. 

This is important.

The most important thing in my coffee shopping process is to check the price of the items on the gift list.

If the item is cheap, the person who sent it will likely be buying the same thing that the person sending it is. 

Another thing I do is check to make certain that the package is packaged in the best way possible.

I can always check to find a free coffee mug, so I can put that in my gift basket when I order a gift. 

Finally, I do a test drive. 

When I order, I usually make sure to check for the “Best Gift” and I ask if it’s possible that it is actually a gift for me.

If it is, I send it.

If not, I return it. 

If the gift is really a surprise, I will send it back and ask if they can use the free mug in their gift basket to give to me. 

After I receive my gift, I try to put it away. 

For example, if my wife ordered the joe mug and I didn.

It’s okay if it isn’t in the box. 

Sometimes, I want to send my wife some coffee. 

That’s when I use the gift gift card to make a quick gift for her. 

A couple of months ago, we used the gift card for a coffee for my friend.

He said he would send me the coffee for free if I sent him some joe for Christmas. 

Since I didn, I gave him a free joe coffee.

It wasn’t a gift, but it was something I could give to him. 

Does it work? 

I know it doesn’t work, but if you use this strategy, you will probably save a lot of money. 

Are you going to use it? 

Yes, it will probably work for you. 

You can use it to send coffee to someone you love or you can use this to get free gift cards. 

Will you be happy with it?

 I think it will work for my husband.

I sent a free sample of a coffee that he was going to receive for Christmas, and he didn’t even realize I had sent it.

It was a perfect gift.

When you order your gift, do you know how much you are going to pay

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