When the ninja coffee maker went viral: A story of two different worlds

A coffee maker that went viral online this month is the latest product to bring two completely different worlds together.

The coffee maker is made of a ceramic cup, which is then filled with a solution of water and coffee grounds, and it is then placed in a machine, where it’s boiled until it’s ready for brewing.

The new product is called The Ninja Coffee Maker, and the maker is designed to be portable, with its cup being able to be stored on the counter of any location, whether it’s a coffee shop or home.

And, in the future, the company says it will also offer a range of flavors to match the coffee.

“The Ninja Coffee maker has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the ninja, coffee enthusiast, and coffee lover,” the company told the Associated Press.

“You will have access to the Ninja Coffee’s signature flavor profile and an assortment of different flavors, each with their own personality.”

But while the coffee maker has garnered some buzz from the tech community, there are also some skeptics who say it’s just a cheap knockoff of a popular product.

“You can’t make it for the same price that you can make it at home, so I think it’s really important to make sure it’s made in the right way,” Matt Zagurian, a coffee aficionado who lives in Seattle, told the AP.

The company told AP that the Ninja coffee maker will go on sale in the U.S. on October 14, and that it will be sold through Amazon.com, Best Buy, and other retailers.

“We are proud to bring our vision of the future of coffee to the world through our Ninja Coffee.

Ninja Coffee is an innovative coffee maker with a mission to change how people think about coffee and how they use coffee,” the Ninja website said.

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