What happens when you get bored with your regular coffee shop?

The stock market is in free fall, and that means that it’s time for your local coffee shop to think about its future.

That means a lot of things.

Some of the major issues that have the stock market in free-fall include: a lack of demand, which has caused the price of coffee to fall by more than $300 in the past year, according to data compiled by the Canadian Coffee Association.

This is a big problem for coffee lovers who want to buy more beans and less of the stuff that goes into their brew.

This means that, as prices continue to fall, it’s going to be harder for the owners of the stores to make ends meet.

So, as of December, most of Canada’s coffee shops were either closing or closing down for the time being.

That’s bad news for many of the shops that depend on the business of selling coffee to customers who want the freshest beans available, but it also means that more and more of the businesses that rely on coffee for their livelihood are going to have to shut down.

And it’s not just the big coffee shops that are feeling the pinch.

Smaller coffee shops are also struggling to survive, with the average number of customers dropping by nearly 30 per cent in the last year.

That, in turn, means that even though the average coffee shop is still making money, they are losing money to other businesses.

And that’s bad for business owners.

So what do you do?

While you might not think about it right away, when the market crashes, it will affect everyone in the coffee business.

It will affect you.

You’ll see more people buying coffee, which means that you will see a lot more people spending their money on coffee.

That will increase the demand for coffee, so you’ll see a boom in the number of coffees sold.

This will increase your costs of coffee, and you’ll end up having to cut back on what you sell to the customers you serve.

So you end up losing money.

And the money you do make is not necessarily enough to cover your costs.

So when the stock markets crash, that means you can’t pay your rent, buy food, and pay bills.

And even if you do manage to get through those, you’re going to start getting hit with more bills and fewer coffee purchases.

You may not even be able to afford to pay your bills for a few months, because of the recession.

And you may not be able afford to eat healthy food in the meantime, because you’re cutting back on your spending and cutting back your purchases of coffee.

So this is when you have to think creatively about how to pay the bills and put food on the table.

How do you balance your work and your life?

This is where the coffee shop has to make some changes.

There are lots of ways you can do that.

You can stop buying coffee altogether.

This can be done with a new store opening up.

You could just stop buying any coffee that’s in stock.

This doesn’t mean that you’re completely quitting coffee, because some of the companies will still be selling it to you, but you can start to cut down on it.

This might mean cutting back by a certain percentage, or by your coffee time, or the amount of time you spend on it per day.

Or you could try a new style of coffee that has a more unique taste and aroma.

Or maybe you could start a new business, like a craft coffee shop.

This could be a coffee shop with a more artisanal feel, which could be something you’re interested in.

Or, you could look into other ways to make money from coffee.

If you don’t have any income, you can still pay for rent, utilities, and the bills.

If the business is struggling, you may find it difficult to find new customers to serve you.

Or perhaps you could take some time off from your job, like if you’re retired or a stay-at-home mom.

If those options aren’t available, you might find it hard to keep a job and make ends meeting.

And if you can afford to quit your job and take a leave of absence, you probably shouldn’t quit coffee, either.

And those of us who have been at it for a long time are going in with a lot less confidence.

We’re just getting a little bit older.

There’s going be a lot to lose.

If we can’t get back on our feet quickly, our coffee shop will either have to close or find new ways to survive.

This also means the big chains will have to make adjustments to their business models.

If they can’t keep up with the changing needs of customers, the big chain stores may have to give up the idea of selling to customers for a while, and instead focus on selling to the stores that cater to their particular demographic, such as millennials.

In this case,

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