How to make your own coffee break at home

When Philz Coffee opened its doors in the summer of 2015, it was only the second coffee shop in the US to offer a coffee break.

It was an unusual idea for the coffee shop chain, which has traditionally focused on coffee in the morning and afternoon, with an emphasis on the quality of coffee from local roasters.

But in a small town in southern California, where Philz has a population of about 8,000, it made sense.

“We had this little café, and we thought, ‘We want to make it a little bit more coffee-centric,'” said Philz co-founder and owner Jim Folsom.

“The idea was, instead of having one coffee bar, there would be four coffee bars in one building.”

Folsoms team decided to go with a coffee shop style and make the first coffee break a daily affair, which led to the coffee break becoming the biggest in the country, and one of the largest in the world.

“That was the most fun part,” Folsoma said.

“What we wanted to do is give the people who worked at the coffee bar a break, and have them take a few minutes to talk to their coworkers.”

FOLOSOM ON BEHALF Philz coffee shop opened in early 2016.

The company also recently launched its new flagship cafe, which it hopes will be the first to open in Los Angeles.

“There are people here that work in the coffee industry who don’t get to have a break,” Folomas said.

But even though the coffee breaks at Philz aren’t as popular as coffee at coffee shops, Folsomes team believes they’re the most authentic.

“Philz is really authentic,” Folesom said.

He said the company’s coffee house was inspired by the early history of the region, where the coffee is brought to the area by immigrants from the Pacific Northwest and the Caribbean.

Folsome said the coffee made at Philzes cafe is handcrafted, with the freshest and best coffee beans.

FOLSOM SAYS THE COOKIE IS THE KEY The coffee is brewed by hand and then blended with other ingredients to create the coffee’s flavor profile.

The process was perfected by Philz team over the past year, and it was then added to the bar.

The coffee was aged in a wooden barrel for eight months to give it that signature coffee flavor, Folesoma said, adding that he hopes to have Philz on the shelves of L.A. bars and restaurants within the next year.

Folesoms coffee is made with only the finest roasted coffee beans, and the team believes the flavor profile of Philz is the only one that can compete with coffee at most coffee shops.

FOSTERS PRODUCTION TEAM’S PROBLEMS Folsomas says he’s been trying to find the right coffee shop for a while now, and he finally got his wish when he saw Philz.

“I was going through my old neighborhood, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’ve got this coffee place,'” Folsomi said.

FOSOSOM SAYES PHILZ IS THE ONLY COOKING COFFEE IN LOS ANGELES “The first one was great, and then the second one was really, really good, but I just kept waiting for the third one to come out.”

Folesomes team decided Philz was the right place for the business.

FOCUSING ON THE PRODUCTION Folsomic’s team is focused on producing a range of products, from coffee cups to coffee-infused t-shirts, but Folsomed has a goal of creating a coffee bar that will also be available to serve as a coffee experience.

“If you want to have your own personal experience, I think it’s great,” Fosom said of the coffee-based bar.

“It’s not just for a quick break.

The bar will make your coffee taste better, and be able to make a better coffee drinker.”

FOSOM SEES COFFE-LOVERS BEING ANOTHER PART OF HIS PRODUCTION The coffee bar has an innovative design and has a unique, unique design, Fosoms team said.

A custom logo and color scheme will help bring the cafe to life, and a variety of different coffee flavors will be available in the bar, too.

“In a lot of ways, this is going to be a coffee-focused experience,” Fosell said.

For Fososom, this means bringing the coffee experience to life in the best way possible.

And that’s something that is hard to achieve in other

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