What’s on your coffee table at Blue Mountain Coffee?

Coffee bar cabinet cabinet Blue Mountain is the best way to bring your coffee to your desk. 

This stylish coffee bar cabinet is built to be both a cozy coffee maker and an entertaining coffee table.

The coffee maker sits on a sturdy wooden frame that attaches to the wall of the coffee bar.

You can add an external display, or use a projector to view your coffee with a projector. 

The coffee bar has a top shelf that can hold a small amount of coffee or tea.

A sliding door allows you to pull out the cup, drink it and enjoy the view of the beautiful Blue Mountain backdrop. 

Blue Mountain Coffee Bar Cabinet Features: Woodworking tool tray – a perfect way to transport coffee and tea, and to carry your coffee cups. 

Coffee cup holder – to keep your coffee and teas organized and easily accessible. 

Wall shelf – a beautiful place to display your coffee, tea and other beverages. 

Towels – easy storage for your drinks, utensils and accessories. 

Pantry – an easy way to keep a coffee or coffee mug handy. 

Accessories – a coffee holder to keep coffee and other beverage containers. 

Water reservoir – for adding water to your coffee or teas. 

Kitchen sink – a convenient place to store your coffee equipment and utensil trays. 

Fold-out table – perfect for keeping your favorite coffee cup and utendles. 

Storage – a place to put your drinkware, utenses and accessories to keep them safe and secure. 

Widescreen projector – a great way to view the beautiful backdrop of Blue Mountain. 

Cooler – to add an extra layer of fun to your table. 

Easy-to-install and easy-to clean – the coffee maker is easy to install and clean. 

Dimensions: Width: 7.5″ Height: 6.5” Depth: 5.5″

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