How to make a glass coffee mug

Glass coffee muffs can be used to brew coffee, but they are also ideal for cleaning your dishes or making other drinks.

Find out how to make your own in this guide. 

Here are our top tips on making a glass espresso mug. 


Get a good quality espresso machine1. 

Use an espresso machine that is rated for espresso.

You can find the best espresso machines on Amazon, eBay or other retailers. 


Check the design of the coffee cup to make sure it is made from high quality material. 


Look at the coffee grounds to make certain that they are free from contaminants. 


Try to use a clear filter with the coffee and then fill it with your favourite liquid. 


When you drink your coffee, it should be cold enough so that the coffee can evaporate. 


To prevent mould and bacteria, soak the coffee with a strong detergent. 


You should keep a coffee mug at hand for at least an hour after you finish brewing. 


If you plan to use the coffee to make tea, it is important that you remove the grounds before you drink it. 9. 

Fill your coffee mug with hot water and pour into a glass container. 


Once the coffee has cooled, cover with a towel to keep the mug warm. 


Store the mug in a cool, dry place for up to a week. 


Keep the mug at a cool room temperature for at most 24 hours. 


The next time you want to make coffee, pour your drink into the mug and enjoy!

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